Day one…

Today marks my first post of many to come. I would feel much better about this moment if I didn’t have a chemistry quiz in 45 minutes but it is still exciting. My plan for this blog is to show others how an engineer student produces successful results from an ABET accredited engineering program. Also, I’m pretty poor financially just like most college students. I am in the process of forming my own business and I will share all aspects of the business on the blog during progress. Finally, who doesn’t love sports? I come from a family who loves sports and hates life when the Oakland Raiders play awful on Sunday. Sound familiar? I played baseball my whole life, won four state championships, made it to the world series, and played some college ball. Hopefully I can show a little bit about me on this blog from time to time. You can read it, make fun of it, share it, or hate me. I have my opinions and I’m not afraid to share them.



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