Day two…

I learned today that studying for a quiz one hour before the set time is not the best way to be successful. I am really hoping God somehow worked through my pencil today and gave me the right answers on the quiz. Overall, not a bad day so far after two classes and one to go. I was not able to take chemistry 221 and 222 this year [it is required for civil engineering] because I did not take chemistry 101 in high school so now I am paying the price. Chemistry 221 and 222 are cycle courses and I will not be able to take them until next fall which really sucks. I could be considered behind right now but I do have many humanities and social electives finished because of my schooling at Corban University last year when I was in pre-nursing. I was interested in pre-nursing all the way until this summer when I found out learning the human body is basically impossible for me and designing structures is way more enjoyable for me. I took trigonometry today and understood about 50 percent of it but I am doing well in the class so I’m not sweating it. Finally, I have technology in the ancient world which is by far the best class I’ve taken before. Romans, Greeks, architecture, war; what could be better?

If you would like to learn about the ABET program at Oregon Institute of Technology, go to

I would comment on the Thursday Night Football game last night between the Jets and Bills but I don’t want to. I listened to the game on the radio throughout my time at work and I have to say both teams will get absolutely throttled last night if they played a somewhat decent team with that performance. Ugly.

All through yesterday and today I have been forming plans for my business and will write more about it during the weekend. I have basically no plan yet, not even a name, but I am confident and excited for the future. My plans this weekend are to look at costs, form a name, and social media. It is going to be fun.

Have a happy Friday everyone!



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