Day three

North Medford ToteAtleeta is on the grid everyone! This weekend marked Day One of many to come for Atleeta and I am proud to be the co-owner with Jessica Pettegrew. I set up a website, logo, took pictures, and am now at the point where I need to figure out the final product. Since I have worked with these bags before it shouldn’t be to difficult but it does take time. Thanksgiving week I am meeting with designers to talk about the product and the best approach to sell them. These bags help a team look uniform, connected, and more professional especially when taken to road games. Though, the appearance is not everything. Each bag is created by Buck Rock Enterprises who has sewn bags for the military for over 15 years. This being said, Atleeta will take on the same quality including strong materials¬†that will last longer without rips.

What do I have to say about the NFL? The Raiders seem to look decent and then blow it at the end. It has been like this since I have been a fan and it looks like it will stay the same. Also, I would bet fifty dollars the Patriots don’t lose a game this season if I had money. They have the whole package including the best quarterback in the game. For all the off the field situations Tom Brady went through in the off-season he has responded with perfection. No one will stop him this year.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting Atleeta and myself.



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