Day four

This week looks like it is becoming the busiest since school started. I have many homework assignments to complete, two exams, and three papers to write before Friday. It’s going to be a fun week. College takes extreme time management skills and then applying yourself to achieving the goal at hand. My time management skills have increased exponentially since I began college last year but I’m still a little rusty. I sometimes put off homework until the last moment which is very stressful and not effective. Fortunately I have great grades right now or else I would look at myself and be worried.

Atleeta is going great! I already have several people asking about the company which allows me to have very high hopes. It is a work in progress, but overall it is fun for me to see Atleeta’s progress. I’m most excited about this Thanksgiving because my business partners and I are meeting. We will talk about prices, designs, business, and the best approach to succeed. Of course we cannot succeed without orders so I am praying.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and support Atleeta.



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