What do engineering students do?

Halfway through the week and I am already super tired from school and work. In my engineering class yesterday the professors spoke the whole time on how having a job and school don’t mix because of the time it takes. They said it will cause the student to burn out and lose interest in his/her own desire to be successful in either work or school. I haven’t gotten to that point yet and I have good grades but I am tired all the time.

Yesterday in engineering lab we continued with out paper bridge project. If you don’t know what I am referring too you can go onto YouTube and find engineering paper bridge contests and what we’re doing is the exact same idea. My group and I are designing, building, and at the end testing to see how much weight out bridge can hold. Yes it is paper, but our bridge should hold around 20 pounds of weight comfortably.

Atleeta is coming along. I emailed the athletic director of North Medford High School yesterday and he responded with a positive attitude towards the bag idea. Atleeta is kind of at a stand still until I figure out the basic structure of the company including prices, designs, etc. Until then I am trying hard to get the name out.

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.



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