Thanks for giving Thanksgiving

Thank you Thanksgiving for giving Americans the one day where eating a naturally dry bird is celebrated and family is together. It is the day all overweight people get made fun of because of the drooling and all the thin people are forced to eat to much. Sodium is literally entering our mouths by the gallon full and later sugar is running through our veins. No, we don’t get to shoot bombs off and throw explosives around like Fourth of July, but we get to celebrate the first American settlers by eating nothing that they ate in 1621. Maybe turkey was on the original menu and perhaps corn,  but if you can tell me they really had candied yams with pecans on top combined with marshmallows then props to you.

I am not making fun of Thanksgiving one bit! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday after Christmas, but I think it is comical why and how we celebrate this moment in American history. The juicy, dripping ham, succulent turkey, candied yams with rolls on the side. How can this be good for the American people. Studies prove over one-third of Americans are obese and when I look at grade schools our future doesn’t look to bright. I come from a very, very, very healthy family and it starts with my mom. If you want to stay the same weight your whole life then come to my mom and eat her meals. I’m talking green smoothies, cauliflower soup, spinach salads, and much more sums up the menu. I don’t complain because she makes the food taste amazing, but packaged food is not a normal buy here at the Zavala’s.

It doesn’t stop with the food though because what does every guy do before and after dinner? Football. Yes, if eating an immense amount of food wasn’t good enough how about sitting on your butt the whole day too. Eating a lot of food is very tiring for American’s and watching TV is sort of a relaxing experience I guess on Thanksgiving. Of course there is that one family who calls you, asks how Thanksgiving was, and proceeds to tell you all the exercise they will preform the next day. Come one, you guys were born for one reason only; to make me feel lazy.

So if you are not from the beautiful states and want to know how Americans celebrate turkey day think about sodium, family, and sitting. Pretty much sums it all up.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.



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