Eat, Sleep, Dead Week

Remember when parents said Santa Claus was real and every Christmas Eve was by far the most exciting night of the year? It would take two hours to fall asleep because you knew that gifts were waiting to be open in a few short hours. Santa was holly and jolly, a friend at the mall, and I guess very quick at delivering gifts. But then that day came. The one day. Some compare it to D-Day, or when you look at your bank account and there is no money. Kids would say to me Santa isn’t real but I never believed them because parents are always smarter than kids. Duh! But then they told me the worst news I had ever heard in 10 years. Santa Claus wasn’t real. They tricked me and put the presents under the tree, my dad would eat the cookies, and stupid Rudolph and his bright nose never existed. I took it with a grain of salt and held in my tears but inside I was depressed. To kids Santa Claus is so real and memorable during Christmas time but now my whole holiday life had just turned around.

This feeling is exactly how I feel right now. If you are a student, have been a student, or will be a student (hopefully I didn’t ruin the Santa Claus trick for you), you learn through college that dead week doesn’t exist. Dead week is the week before finals that is meant to have no assigned homework or new material for preparation of the final exam next week. Throughout the year I get my hopes up for dead week and plan inventive study habits to prepare for the upcoming exam. Even through high school I learned that dead week was exactly what it is called; dead. Nothing should happen, no papers, no homework, nothing. Though just like Santa Claus my teachers similar to my parents love to ruin the fun and explain all the homework due this coming Friday. Thank you teachers for doing your job and assigning work on the one week that no work should be assigned.

Parents are teachers and Santa Claus isn’t real. Deal with it.

Have a great week.



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