Thank You Finals

Thank you finals for finally being over. Thank you for allowing me to study hours on end and feel exhausted every minute of the day. I’m most thankful for finals because they let me get my hopes up as if I’m prepared and then I get to the test only to see how hard it is.

Yes, finals are over and it is a great relief. I should have studied longer but overall I think the final tests went alright. Chemistry and trigonometry were by far my hardest finals which is what I spent most of my time studying for. It is a great relief to be done with chemistry and trigonometry because now I can focus on Atleeta for a few weeks and saving to buy Christmas presents. Atleeta is going very well at the moment and each day that goes by we are getting closer to finishing the final product.

Right now we plan on selling three bags. One duffel bag for teams, a gymsack for teams and students, and finally a tote bag for parents. I cannot wait to finally start selling these bags and seeing Atleeta’s name spread around. Thank you everyone for supporting me and Atleeta through this long process.

Also, I am so so so excited to go see the new Star Wars. I have not been this excited for a movie since the last Star Wars movie came out many years ago. The worst part is that I have to wait to see it till Christmas Eve because of work and not the night it comes out. Even though, I’m excited to go watch a space adventure.



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