Whether you like it or not, the weather sucks

Last year when I was attending Corban University I tended to complain about the constant rain on a daily basis. The frequent showers allowed me to show some bitterness towards the sky and ultimately made the baseball season a struggle. Yes, the west coast is in a drought. I get it. Though the rainy season made going to college up North not too exciting.

In the middle of the first semester [the time freezing rain slush pounded our faces] I decided to travel southeast to Oregon Institute of Technology in hopes of acquiring my Bachelors in Civil Engineering and also to escape the rain. To my happiness, both of these hopes have come true. Unfortunately, Klamath Falls is a little bit colder than Salem. I am still in pursuit to graduating with a Bachelors degree but the weather has taken a foul turn from last year.

For some reason God decided that when rain gets cold enough it hardens and turns into snow. This fluffy, powdery treat from the sky is fun to play with and look at for about one hour. I grew up in Medford, Oregon, and going to the snow on a weekend was an annual activity. Sledding and snowball fights were enjoyed by the Zavala’s up on the mountain. The key phrase in the previous sentence was “up on the mountain.”

Furthermore, the higher up you get the colder you get thus creating a better chance to make snow. Klamath Falls must be somewhere in the clouds cause no where can be colder than here. Sure, the Vikings vs. Seahawks game was at negative ten degrees yesterday but trust me the current 32 degrees here feels colder. It first snowed here about one month ago. I looked at my window and became so excited at the thought of hooking up a wheelbarrow to a cord and connecting it to my roommates truck to pull me around town [FYI do not do that it hurts when you tip over]. One month later the snow is still here and it gets colder every day, every minute, every second.

I know Hell is an eternal place of fire but I am getting the sense it might be filled with eternal snow. Right when the snow is just about cleared on the roadways the Devil puts little white flakes everywhere which makes all Klamath Falls residents angry. As you may have noticed I am not to fond of the snow unless it is sledding on a mountain. I will leave it at that.

I pray for sunshine, the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl, and for everyone to have a great week. If you want to check on Atleeta go to http://atleeta.wix.com/atleeta. Thanks for the support!



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