I Asked, She Said Yes

Though I have not written a blog post in a while, it does not mean my life has been simply boring. Last Saturday I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes! I cannot believe I am engaged. Unfortunately, nothing feels different. It is probably because engagement is not really different except her and I get the opportunity to plan a wedding (so fun). My fiance, Jessie, is in complete control of the wedding right now. During the last few months I have enjoyed looking at Jessie’s multiple wedding planning books she has written. She has planned out our whole wedding down to the table runners.

I do not know exactly when the wedding will be but I am thinking maybe late next year. We have a plan to contact the venue, we do not know about the food, and I have no idea who the groomsmen are. Jessie is already sending invitation cards for her bridesmaids and I have not thought about the groomsmen one bit. In all honesty, if I could I would invite my guys to be groomsmen one week before the wedding.

Is it sad to say I have thought about the bachelor party more than the wedding? I hope Jessie doesn’t read this or she’ll make me start planning the wedding instead. For my proposed bachelor party I want to go golfing, to dinner, to a movie, and play poker. To me, that sounds like the best day of my life (besides the wedding).

In case you do not know already, I will explain my proposal in a brief statement. I woke up at 7:30, drove to Medford and picked up the ring. The ring is absolutely perfect even though it does not fit her exactly right. After the jewelry store I went to finish some brown paper bags I had cut out some cute saying in before leaving to meet my parents. They congratulated me and I was off to my next stop; Jessie’s parents house. Her mom had already gotten together a bunch of proposal ideas and items to use at Lake of the Woods (where I was proposing). Then, Jessie’s cousin, and photographer, and I set up my little proposal path with lights and set up a table with a picture and lights. It was perfect. After she said yes we had a surprise party set up with all of our family. The whole day was an absolute success and I cannot be happier with the result.

Thanks everyone who helped participate in setting up and for supporting me during this exciting process.



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