Atleeta is almost ready!

For all those dying to buy some bags from Atleeta, the wait is almost over! Today we decided on a screen printer in the Rogue Valley and we can now begin looking at sales. I will be continuing this blog site with information on prices as the weeks go on. We have officially finished designing the bag including the color options, material, piping, and logo options.

The prime focus for Atleeta is to be incorporated within high schools. I do not want this only to be a part of sports; rather, I want non-athlete students to carry our gym sacks and duffel bags around campus and definitely off campus. I do not want this to promote Atleeta but to promote the school. When I went to North Medford High School, there were many people I met who had no idea our school even existed. Even people in Oregon! I want current students and alumni to fully support their school.

With this in mind, I want Atleeta bags to sell through the school store and through students. I have already come up with plans to have “money wanting” students to sell the bags and receive commission  throughout their schooling. This will be an easy way to gain a little pocket cash for students. If you are a parent, tell your kid to give me a call or text for more infomation about this amazing deal.

We have decided to start selling our bags starting this summer. We will focus on summer baseball and soccer teams throughout the Rogue Valley and any surrounding area. Any help is great! If anyone wants to put something on social media about Atleeta or is connected to a sports team who wants to look uniform, give us an email or phone call for help. Anyone can see pictures of the bags and contact information on our website.

Thanks everyone for supporting and helping spread the word for Summer. It is going to be great!

Austin Zavala




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